Meet Jorge Oppé , grooming expert at d.brand x FRIENDS.
We have asked him some questions about his background and where he thinks the grooming trend is heading towards.
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Tell us about your hair background?

Well I've started barbering since the age of 12 in a small barber shop as a Saturday job sweeping hair, it was really then where I grew inspired to what these guys where doing and gave me the urge to start cutting my friends hair after school. I then realized I discovered something I was really passionate about and decided to leave school at 15 and further my career in hair and go into hairdressing where I started a 3 year apprenticeship at one of London's top salons "Daniel Galvin" it was predominantly ladies hair that I was learning which was great new skill to learn. I then moved to Sydney, Australia, where I really furthered my barbering skills working in Sydney's top barbers "ManCave" which allowed me to really combine the world of barbering with hairdressing.

Where do you see male grooming trends heading for 2019?

In my opinion fashion always repeats itself, and in todays world we're starting to see the world of barbering mixing with hairdressing, men are starting to grow out their hair a bit more similar to the 90's with more texturized and softer looks along with more natural looking products like sea salt and matte pastes leading with a more playful look with the twist of still having the contrast of a beautifully short graduated look around the sides which can really give off a beautiful shape to really enhance the head shape.

What do you love most about what you do?

Well I simply love what I do working in such a creative environment, it can never get boring or be the same as yesterday and its just refreshing to meet and connect with such a huge range of different people everyday from having the opportunity to cut celebrities like Usher to just making some one feel better about themselves and loving who they are is just a indescribable feeling of giving someone the service they deserve. One great thing about this career is the infinity or constantly learning and being able to share and to help educate to inspire with everyone who shares the same passion as I do in this career.