Created from d.brand's idea to have a fresh and exciting place where you can shop, work, eat, drink and just hang out. A cultural hub that features brands from different segments that all focus on lasting quality. The vision to be much more than a traditional retail destination. Online you can shop d.brand's latest collections and collaborations items. Also handpicked products from some of d.brand's favourite brands.

d.brandxFriends will continue to add both well-known brands and upcoming brands from different segments. 

d.brand is a premium Swedish brand established in Stockholm. Designed by the married couple David Pirzadeh and Kim Pirzadeh, the philosophy of the duo is to create modern products with a focus on high quality fabrics. 
For more than a decade the duo have designed garments worn by people from all around the world. 

d.brand is owned by David Pirzadeh, Kim Pirzadeh, Damon Pirzadeh and Johan Lagercrantz.