The Vision
d.brand x FRIENDS’s vision is to become a cultural hub that strive to feature international brands, from different segments, all with the aim to pave a way for a more sustainable future. Creating a place that people respect and care for and inspiring people from all around the world to think more about their habits.
d.brand is a premium Swedish brand established in Stockholm. Designed by the married couple David Pirzadeh and Kim Pirzadeh, the philosophy of the duo is to create modern products with a focus on high quality fabrics. For more than a decade the duo have designed garments worn by people from all around the world. The collection d.brand by mikdivad creative studios is all handmade in Europe in a maximum amount of 30 pieces focusing on sustainability, exclusively sold through dbrand.se and d.brandxFRIENDS store.
d.brand is owned by David Pirzadeh, Kim Pirzadeh, Damon Pirzadeh and Johan Lagercrantz.
Our Mission
d.brand x FRIENDS will continue to add both well-known brands and upcoming brands from different segments that want to contribute to a more sustainable future.