d.brand X FRIENDS: A Sustainable Shopping and Lifestyle Hub


The brand’s philosophy is to create a beautiful and inspiring space that people will respect and care for, and aims to encourage people from all continents to think more about their habits. d.brand is a premium Swedish brand that was born in Stockholm, and founded by husband and wife team, David and Kim Pirzadeh.

 For more than a decade now, the duo have designed sustainable must-have garments worn by people all around the world, with the key focus of using high quality fabrics in everything they make. Their collections are made with sustainability in mind, ensuring that they have limited production runs (30 pieces at a time), and are exclusively sold through through their online and physical store. The brands stocked alongside d.brand range through the fashion, design and lifestyle categories and include COSMOS studio, Phil Cuttance, Zoe Morton Jewellery, Maison La Bougie, Laboratory Perfumes, Casio and The Knotty Ones. 

As well as providing a beautiful shopping experience, the store also contains a restaurant and cocktail bar called ‘FRIENDS’ Table’, where they serve delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine, alongside a wells-stocked cocktail menu. With so much on offer, d.brand have made sure you will not want to leave, and we certainly thank them for it!