A year with Kim Pirzadeh, Head Buyer and Co-Founder of d.brand x FRIENDS

With the vision to create a cultural hub with the aim to pave a way for brands with a sustainable thinking, d.brand x FRIENDS's Head Buyer and Co-Founder Kim Pirzadeh has started a movement, together with her husband David Pirzadeh and David’s brother Damon Pirzadeh, to bring retail into the future. One year has passed and the concept is growing and increasing. The space has shown that retail is far from boring.

We met up with her to discuss the year, the patience and the willingness to take risks in an era where online shops are battling it out to create a destination worth visiting. 

 How has the first year in your new location been?
“We are more than happy about the response we have received by our customers. This proves our vision that a retail destination can for sure be a part of the future. You just have to be true to yourself and have a clear plan and stick to it.

What reactions have you gotten from your customers?
 “I have noticed that people appreciate the personal selection of brands we have in our concept and that they understand my vision of creating a place we call ”home”. I want to inspire people to find products that feels personal and unique for their own homes.

 What is your vision for the coming year?
”My vision for d.brand x FRIENDS is to continue to pave a way for brands, both well-known and upcoming, that have a more sustainable thought behind their brand story. Together with these brands I like to create a cultural destination that needs to be experienced in real life. To show every brand respect for what they have created. A destination that is not just another retail, rather a place where you can discover. d.brand x FRIENDS focuses on fashion, interior, lifestyle and also features a award-winning vegetarian restaurant called FRIENDS´ TABLE.”

What are you looking for when you add new brands to your concept? 
“That the brand communicates a clear brand story that I feel suits d.brand x FRIENDS. Every product needs to have a purpose why we feature it in our shop. Therefore I handpick products from each brand that I feel works in our space. This is something that I have a close communication with the brands so they understand the vision."