A moment with Kim Pirzadeh, Head Buyer and Co-Founder of d.brand x FRIENDS

With the vision to create a cultural hub with the aim to pave a way for brands with a sustainable thinking, d.brand x FRIENDS's Head Buyer and Co-Founder Kim Pirzadeh has started a movement to bring retail into the future.

We met up with her to discuss the long path, the patience and the willingness to take risks in an era where online shops are battling it out to create a destination worth visiting. 

How did you get into fashion industry and what was the inspiration behind your concept? 
“I started my career as a designer and was also involved in the sales. During this time we visited a lot of different retailers and the first thing that we noticed was that a lot of them where only adding brands that they had seen in other retail destinations. The online shopping era had started and as time went by the retailers felt that they could not compete with the online shops and this caused the quality of the shops to decline and loose the momentum they earlier had. The passion was fading out and the customers could see this and turned more and more interest to the online stores.

My vision for d.brand x FRIENDS is to pave a way for brands, both well-known and upcoming, that have a more sustainable thought behind their brand story. Together with these brands I like to create a cultural destination that needs to be experienced in real life. To show every brand respect for what they have created. A destination that is not just another retail, rather a place where you can discover. d.brand x FRIENDS focuses on fashion, interior, lifestyle and also features a vegetarian restaurant called FRIENDS´ TABLE.

Today I also own the fashion label d.brand by mikdivad together with my husband David and my brother in law Damon. With d.brand by mikdivad we focus on sustainability, all products are produced in a limited amount in Portugal and Spain and are only sold at d.brand x FRIENDS."

Any misconceptions about your job? 
“One misconception is that as a head buyer you can not be personal and only buy brands that you like yourself. For me it is more to show the customers my vision and tie everything together to one beautiful story. A head buyer is like a conductor, everything needs to be on point and work seamlessly together”. 

What skills do you think is needed to make it as a head buyer? 
“Stay true to yourself and your vision. Find your own path and hold on to it. It will definitely be a bumpy road but the reward in the end is so much bigger."

What are you looking for when you looking for new brands to add to your concept? 
“That the brand communicates a clear brand story that I feel suits d.brand x FRIENDS vision. Every product needs to have a purpose why we feature it in our shop."

How important is it to take risks in your job? 
“I feel that everything we do is a risk. The whole idea with d.brand x FRIENDS comes straight from our heart and as we have the vision to be a destination it requires us to always take risks and create something that resonates and inspires our customers. In the end everything comes down to the willingness to create something genuine, a place that is not disconnected from the real life".